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Where are we going? This may not be exactly the right question. Every journey or adventure is really about what you become along the way.  This is how we define our journey at engage church: engage people with love, help our community move forward, follow Jesus, and change the world.These are the things we want to do and to be described by as we…engage, help, follow, and change.

Unity in a Diverse Community – We are intentionally becoming a gathering of people who are diverse in many ways: skin color, financial make-up, age, language, denominational and church background (or lack there of), family heritage, education…well, you get the picture. However we know that the things that unite us are greater than the things that divide us. All are welcome…all are wanted…all are loved.

Helping the fatherless find ‘The Father’ – We all need a great father. Some of us had one growing up and some of us didn’t. Over one-fourth of the kids in the Memphis area are growing up without a father figure in their family. We want to help the fatherless find ‘The Father’. We also want to help young fathers become what God has called them to be in the life of their children and their family. This will break the cycle of fatherlessness, crime, and poverty in our community, and restore the family. Every child should have a healthy family and a healthy church…both start with ’The Father’

Beauty From Ashes – Let’s face it. Most of us have been burned by church…some worse than others. We are a church designed for people who have been burned by church. God takes people who have been burned, turns their ashes into beauty, and then raises his people into leadership. We know that Jesus heals us through His scars, so we can reach people through ours. He can turn our ashes to beauty and help us lead others as we follow Him.

Forward Movement – With Christ, we can overcome the chains of our past and the bonds of our present to embrace the freedom of our future.

Radical Generosity – We will find ways to give. Then we will give beyond what the world says is reasonable. We will give to the needy in our community, and in communities around the world. In addition, 10% of every dollar given to the church will go directly to planting churches locally, nationally and abroad.

Engage Team

Michael Wilkerson

Michael makes everyone he meets feel welcome.  He is genuinely interested in people and his heart for them is as big as his frame (6’6” and 200+).  Michael loves…

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Betsy Spring

Betsy doesn’t meet strangers. She has an infectious laugh and quirky sense of humor that make her fast friends with anyone that crosses her path. She enjoys any waterfront…

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Krystal Holzback

Krystal’s upbeat personality and childlike excitement is contagious; this makes her the perfect person to lead our team in ministering to children. She loves kids, is always ready with a hug,…

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